Corrine Mackrell


Having just graduated from MIU-AI in March 2011, I am a lifelong lover of fashion and fiber art. Growing up with a mother who was a custom seamstress, I was surrounded by fabrics. I completed my first sewing project before I even entered kindergarten and was adapting my hand-me-down clothing into artwear before junior high. Soon thereafter, I taught myself pattern making.

My design style and passion marries practicality with panache to create fashion that is as easy to wear as it is too look at. In short, I want to design pieces that will become staples in the closets of my customers for the sake of both comfort and aesthetic appeal. Although I do keep abreast with the current trends, my designs lean toward timeless styles that can be enjoyed for many years.

On the more creative side of design, I love to create artwear. For these garments, my favorite fabrics are recycled/repurposed or vintage. This makes for some exciting expeditions of “design as you go” projects since I am often working with a very limited amount of a specific fabric. I love to design a relatively simple pattern that when created is sprinkled with unexpected fabric blocking, 3D fiber art, appliqué, and/or beading. My favorite creations are one of a kind garments that walk the fine line between street wear and costume.